Sunday, October 19, 2008

Even more regretful, blah

Though actually, substitute "lazy" for regretful, and that's probably closer to the truth. Writing is vey strenuous on the brain, and sometimes -- often -- I just don't want to do any of it. So I've been taking a break since the last entry, sometimes doing nothing about the book at all, sometimes thinking about it.

Lately the thinking has been coming more often, and I've begun setting new scenes in my head. The ideas are coming back, and I did a little writing this weekend for the first time in a while. That's like the jump start to get myself back into the groove. I'll continue little tweaks or adds this week, then start up again next weekend.

The Red Sox are continuing their postseason m.o.: destroy their opponents in the ALDS, get behind in the ALCS, then come back. Tonight is Game 7 against the Rays, which they will of course win. Then, if the pattern continues, they will sweel the Phillies in the World Series. Any sort of win would be great, of course, but a sweep results in our new bed being free, thanks to Jordan's Furniture. Go sweep!

In other good news, it's looking more and more like an overwhelming victory for Obama. Everyone blames the Republicans for the economy going down the tubes, so that alone would probably result in a victory for Barrack. But McCain's pick of Sarah Palin has proven to be as disastrous as I'd hoped, and his polling numbers have been spiraling downwards ever since. It'll be good to vote for a winner for once, presuming the GOP doesn't succeed in disenfranchising enough poor and black voters in enough swing states to steal the election again. But it's looking like a landslide right now, so I don't know how effective that strategy will be.