Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not too bad

Okay, I was reasonably productive. Certainly I was productive when compared with some of my recent output. I completed about another page, leading up to the party Sam and Alex are going to, which is main focus of this chapter.

More importantly, I began sketching an outline for what happens. I don't think I can just wing it here, because in my head I have at least half a dozen little events which are scheduled to happen, and for once it's important to plan them all out first. I began by simply sketching out one sentence per event, and ended up with 9 things happening; most of them happening to or witnessed by Sam. Next I'll write an outline, maybe enlarging each line into a more descriptive paragraph, until I have a roadmap I can follow when I begin to write it all down.

Which -- I possibly should have been doing from the start.

I wish I still had the outline I wrote for The Dark Side of the Sun waaay back in high school or something. It would be interesting to see how radically it's changed since then. The only thing I remember is one scene that was never written during the first draft, and which now will never exist because it was a little silly. But I'd still like to read it again.

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