Saturday, June 14, 2008

What was old is new

I noticed something pretty cool today in what I'm currently reading. Re-reading, actually: The Videssos Cycle by Harry Turtledove. Though I've turned on HT recently for some excellent reasons, I do love this 20-ish year old series. I think I've already read it 3 times, and I needed something quick and good to read the other morning, so what the hell.

But the last time I did read it was 15 years ago, and except for bits here and there, I remembered next to none of it...except for the names of pretty much all the characters, and the names of the places they visit in this magical world they're in.

The effect was like reading a brand new book, but with instances of "Hey, I know him!" thrown into the mix. It's really interesting, and it's getting me more excited about re-reading a series whose outcome I already know. Nifty.

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