Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blah II

Well, I haven't written a single word since my last post on the subject. In fact, I haven't even re-read anything. I needed a break from it, I think; needed a break from trying to force-write a scene that maybe shouldn't be there to begin with.

But I seriously need to be careful. I've taken "breaks" before that eventually stretched into years. I don't think there's any danger of that, but I'm sure I told myself the very same thing all those other times too.

Sometimes you can force yourself through a writing rut, but there have been times where that resulted in my just getting sick of whatever I was working on and not even wanting to continue, which it definitely not what you want to do.

I think I need to move on, skip ahead and continue writing at a point where I know I won't have any troubles. It's possible this scene that's flummoxing me just isn't necessary, and this block it my brain's way of telling me. If that's the case I can work around it eventually, or delete it, or just work the exposition into another part of the narrative somehow. But in the meantime I need to start writing again, no matter what it is -- I don't want to be posting "Blah # 52" this time next year, with nothing new to report.

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